04 May 2022


Farmgear are a family business based in Palmerston North, NZ. MManufacturing and wholesaling farm machinery, primarily postdrivers and mowers, Farmgear were looking for a system that could better manage their processes and implemented HARMONiQ as their ERP in early 2018.

“What we liked then and still do, is that the system is so configurable and easy to use”

Nathan Barnes, Director

When researching what systems could be implemented, Farmgear found many systems that looked ok, but couldn't be customized to fit their business - rather the business had to change to fit the software. HARMONiQ was able to adapt to the requirements of the business with it's inbuilt CRM, great stock management, very good visualisation of data, and completes what Farmgear refer to as the business triangle - joining People, Products and Money.

HARMONiQ has enabled Farmgear to get information out of owners heads and systematize it so that staff can run the operation without having an intimate knowledge of the product or process. This has enabled them to scale very quickly - once HARMONiQ was implemented, Farmgear then bought out their opposition and turned that business around by using the same system and processes.

“The real value to us has been in getting great costings, very good stock management and releasing the owners from much of the operational workload”

Grant Barnes, Sales Manager

Farmgear have been able to streamline the way jobs are sent to the factory, setting up the systems and processes in such a way that a person with little factory experience is able to manage it. They have also been able to track and manage the stock that matters, forecasting demand by looking at historical trends. With a much greater deal of accuracy and visibility of the financial position within the business, Farmgear have far greater confidence in their decisions and the numbers that drive them.

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