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08 February 2024


Esko are an innovative family owned New Zealand brand taking every aspect of the personal protection experience to the next level. Focusing on creating value for their customers by making great products that are easy to sell, and providing a seamless background experience that ensures our reseller customers can focus on what is most important to them. HARMONiQ is a critical function of this as the ‘backbone’ and the engine room of their internal business systems.

As one of the first companies to implement the HARMONiQ ERP in New Zealand and Australia, Esko have a longstanding close relationship with Logiq, constantly adapting the system to their needs. As Esko has evolved and grown, so has the system grown with them. Now with an integrated eCommerce website, EDI integrations with key customers and more, HARMONiQ enables Esko to deliver the ultimate experience to their customers.

“We would not have the customer retention we do now without our business systems and the support that is offered”

Finley Biss, IT/Business Development

Two key features for Esko have been how customizable HARMONiQ is, and it's ability to adapt to the business processes as they evolve. This includes being able to integrate several of their key customers directly into the system for order processing through the use of the inbuilt integration services, saving literally hundreds of hours in order entry – at the same time improving accuracy and freeing up time to give customers a higher level of care.

As Esko have grown, and the team continue to develop confidence in the system, they have also been able to automate manual processes to allow growth and scalability across the company without having to add additional overhead resource unnecessarily.

“If you are projected to experience sustained growth and are looking for a system to grow with you, I think HARMONiQ should be your first consideration.”

Finley Biss, IT/Business Development

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