Wholesale Distribution

Wholesale distribution depends on streamlined management at every turn. From supply chain management and inventory data, to assembly, kitting and dispatching, every aspect of your operations requires methodical planning and monitoring to ensure continued success. Logiq utilises HARMONiQ’s ERP solutions to help you streamline your wholesale distribution operation with ease.

HARMONiQ’s ERP can help you do smarter business through:

Seamless inventory management
Manage every item in your warehouse with no margin for error.

Stock movement oversight
Know where your goods are at all times, for confidence and peace of mind.

Real-time visibility
Our data gives you visibility over every aspect of your operations in real time, able to be shared with your partners or staff quickly and simply.

Accelerated order processing
Streamline your order processing for greater production capacity and accuracy. 

Wireless and mobile warehouse management
Manage your warehouse operation conveniently and flexibly.

Accurate data and reporting
Compile your data for accurate reporting, forecasting and projections.

Proactive supply-chain management
Anticipate your supply-chain events and proactively manage your operations - not just responsively.

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