The right ERP system can make Retail operation management a simple and straightforward process. From stock and inventory management to order processing, you’ll have oversight and the ability to action background processes that make business smarter, more efficient and set you up for success.

HARMONiQ’s ERP can help you do smarter business through:

Customer relationship management
Collate your CRM data and manage internal databases to grow and refine your key customers.

Marketing resource management
Manage your marketing resource capabilities across your staff and logistics processes.

Customer account management
Manage customer data and gain valuable sales insights.

Inventory management
Manage stock and inventory for proactive ordering and streamlined expenditure. Monitor stock levels and warehouse activity.

Sales order & shipping management
Manage sales, shipping and fulfillment data and processes.

Financial reconciliation
Budget effectively, while managing financial planning systems for improved profitability.

Distribution oversight & management
Manage customer support, inventory tracking, orders and purchasing with a seamlessly integrated system.

Data reporting
Collate and provide accurate reporting for auditing, planning and forecasting.

Customer experience management
Utilise deeper levels of data to tailor and optimise your customer experience, driving your business success.

This is just scratching the service. Get in touch to see how Logiq’s ERP solutions can help you do smarter business today.

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