Smarter solutions for a range of industries.

Logiq’s smart solutions are already driving transformational changes for businesses throughout a range of industries.

Discover these below.

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Light Manufacturing

Success in the Light Manufacturing industry requires productivity and uninterrupted efficiency. Logiq’s ERP tools provide supply chain oversight, analytics that streamline internal processes and end-to-end business management.


Wholesale Distribution

Distribution at any scale comes with ongoing challenges. From supply chain adaptations to inventory management, complexities and changing customer/supplier relationships, Logiq’s solutions provide robust systems to effectively manage your operations.



Management is key to retail success. Our ERP solutions provide all the features needed to confidently take control of retail operations, from controlling cash flow, to inventory management, supplier and customer invoicing and clear performance metrics.


Advanced Manufacturing

When productivity is a priority, effective management is essential. Logiq already supports businesses in the Advanced Manufacturing space, reducing lead times and waste, improving cost estimates, managing costs and margins while providing industry-leading flexibility.