Sheffield Group


12 October 2021


Sheffield Group is a fourth-generation, family-owned Australian business, supplying complete solutions in cutting tools, throughout a range of industries.

With multiple systems in place, a lack of integration and a lack of clarity for staff and managers, Sheffield sought to streamline their operations through the implementation of HARMONiQ ERP and a partnership with Logiq Group.

HARMONiQ allows Sheffield’s team to adapt the ERP to their requirements, providing a single point of truth in their data for consistency across all departments. This system allows their information to grow with their business, with greater clarity across the organisation for effective oversight at every turn.

“We could structure our pricing as we wanted within HARMONiQ without any customization”

Ben Allbut, Director/Operations Manager

Overall, Logiq has provided Sheffield with newfound confidence. From informing and upskilling staff, to simplified stock control, clear figures to show customers and effortless order fulfillment, Logiq is proud to be enabling Sheffield to perform at the highest level.

“Now that we have everything integrated into one system, it just works so much more brilliantly, simply and easily”

Ben Gharouniaraki, IT Support

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