Advanced Manufacturing

Manufacturing can be complex.

With the right automation software, you can simplify your processes, empower your staff and make better-informed decisions that ultimately improve your business.

Logiq utilises HARMONiQ’s Manufacturing software, to offer a robust and scalable process management solution that will grow with your business.

HARMONiQ incorporates Financials, Commercials, Business Intelligence (BI) Dashboards and CRM / Marketing modules within a single manufacturing software solution and has the smallest implementation footprint in the industry, giving you access to:

  • Automatic generation of internal & external works orders
  • Job costing
  • Automatic stock replenishment
  • Multi-level works orders
  • Automated inter-branch transfers
  • Production schedules
  • Back-to-back purchasing
  • Bundled products and production breakdown functionality

Our ERP systems have helped manufacturers do smarter business through:

Team Collaboration
Provide your staff with a single platform for tracking and collaborating on sales, inventory and performance.

HARMONiQ’s general ledger provides powerful financials for your business, supporting multi-currency trade if required.

Integrated Marketing
Produce beautifully designed emails with sophisticated segmenting to send and track targeted emails to your database.

Stock Control
Get automated and accurate insights in your stock. Easily manage stock levels according to orders and sales.

Sales Order & Quotes
Produce accurate quotes with powerful job costing capabilities. Automate and track sales orders and quotes to improve your staff and customers’ experience.

Inventory Management
The advanced inventory system saves you time by being able to stock and track inventory by piece, box, pallet, shades and size, with product images on-screen for sales staff.

Customer Relationship Management
Collect and curate all customer data in one easy to access location to streamline how your team sells and markets.

Integrate your financials, reporting, sales and CRM platforms to give you an accurate big-picture view of your business performance to plan effectively for the future.

Workflow Automation
Automation is the way of the future. Transform your business efficiency with clever and customisable workflow automation software.

Warehouse Management
Get full visibility of your entire inventory in every warehouse. See what’s available and what’s committed (e.g sales, quotes, held/picking, transfer, allocation, backorders).

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