Logiq Acquires Systems Advisory Business from UBT


09 October 2021


Jeff Prestidge


With Logiq’s mission to provide market-leading ERP and accounting systems to family businesses, we’re looking to continually grow and broaden our capacity to deliver a market-leading service to customers.

With an infrastructure of data, rich insights and collaboration underpinning your business venture, we believe anything is possible, which is why we are consistently adapting our business to help yours thrive.

Last year, we were excited to take over the ERP and accounting system-related services provided by UBT.

Absorbing their Systems Advisory business was a significant milestone in the Logiq journey, providing us with greater responsibility in managing clients' business needs, while improving our technologies to meet this growing demand.

We look forward to growing and continuing to expand our services throughout a diverse number of industries in New Zealand and Australia.

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